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Adult Barking Owls are grey-brown above, with white spots on the wings, and whitish below, heavily streaked with grey-brown. The head is almost entirely grey-brown, and the eyes are large and yellow. Young Barking Owls have less streaking on the underparts and are mottled white and grey-brown on the rear of the neck. Barking Owls are nocturnal birds (night birds), although they may sometimes be seen hunting during the day.

These changes benefit everyone, as anyone who has had to share a narrow sidewalk with a woman pushing an enormous double stroller can attest, and should men ever start taking up their fair share of domestic labor, they'll be grateful that Vienna has been organized to make that easier.

On 30 September 2016, the United States Fish and Wildlife Service determined that ten animal species from Hawaii, including seven species of yellow-faced bees, should be protected under the endangered species act:

Urban Species - WomanUrban Species - WomanUrban Species - WomanUrban Species - Woman